OLIVENOLJE 0,25L - High Phenolic Extra Virgin

Liophos High Phenolic Olive Oil
Produsent: Stamatakos Olive Grove i Molai, Lakonia, Hellas
Eksklusiv norsk forhandler: Ioánna’s Verden, Østveien 665, 3145 Tjøme
Merk: Vi kan ikke selge denne oljen som økologisk i Norge, fordi vi på det nåværende tidspunkt ennå ikke har sertifisering fra norske Debio. Søknaden er under utarbeidelse.. Oljen er sertifisert som organisk av den greske instansen for godkjenning av organiske produkter og av EUs tilsvarende organ. Sertifikatene fra Bio Hellas og diplomer for kvaliteten fra noen av verdens største konkurranser for Extra Virgin Olivenoljer ligger ved her. I New York deltok i 2018 1.000 oljer. Vår fikk da sølv.

Informasjon fra produsenten: Liophos High Phenolic is an olive oil that comes exclusively from olives variety Koroneiki, from a crop that is collected in the first period of harvesting when the olives are green and unripe. The quantity of this olive oil is very limited because the difficulty to produce it is very high. We look for our most healthy trees, those whose fruit is in the ideal stage so the phenols that contains to be very high. Its color is greenish and the taste and aroma are very strong and spicy. Your first try will amaze you due to its rich characteristics and its intense taste and aroma. It is suggested to drink a spoon in the morning half an hour before eating so to receive the proper amount of phenols that a human body has for its good function.

According to researches from Davis University of California it has been proved that phenols such as Oleocanthal, Oleasin and Tyrosol don’t allow the oxidation of lipids in the blood. So using a high phenolic olive oil has anti inflammatory, antioxidant, cardio protective and neuro protective effects to a human body.

We have limted quantity of this product because it is being collected earlier than our other olive oils. The extraction takes place the same day we collect the crop in our own olive mill, without using separator and in very low temperatures, lower than 20oC .

The Liophos High Phenolic is a product that everyone must start their day with, providing our organism the appropriate energy that needs.

About Stamatakos
The Stamatakos olive grove is located in southeast Laconia, in the Molaoi district. This area is famous for its many olive groves and for the excellent quality of the produced olive oil, due to the appropriate dry-climate climate and the fertile soil. You can visit our grove and facilities at any time, to see our cultivations and our individual vertically integrated unit.
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